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Dog Sports

As specialists in working breeds we understand that your dog needs an outlet for their natural instincts, and a chance to use their brain! 

AGILITY is a great confidence booster, which gives you the chance to work as a team, build your relationship, and learn new skills. Our group sessions run on a Wednesday and Thursday evening with a maximum of 6 dogs and our 1-2-1 sessions can be booked by getting in touch

CANICROSS is a fabulous running sport which originates from the sled dog world, this is a great chance to get fit together and burn some energy. We run a group run on a Tuesday evening, 1-2-1 sessions and a couch to 5K course twice a year.

PET GUN DOG classes allow you to teach your dog the basic handling commands required of a gun dog. They let you harness inner focus, and build impulse control

SHEEP BALL gives your herding breed an outlet for their natural instincts. It teaches them how to control and harness their drive and has been proven to curb movement reactivity. 

CONDITIONING classes help your dog stay in the best possible shape, we will look at massage and stretching techniques, body awareness and muscle building. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs and book. Or to become a member please visit the Membership page.

Group sessions - Members £10, Non-Members £15

1-2-1 1 Hour - Members £30, Non-Members £45

Couch to 5K - Members £120, Non-Members £150

If you are already a member please visit the 'my bookings' page in your profile to book

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