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Who We Are

Passionate. Patient. Positive.

Beau's Pack was founded in 2022 by Jen on the belief that everyone can live in ideal harmony with their canine companion. 


Jen grew up surrounded by animals in Cornwall, including her own dog, a Shetland Sheepdog called Rusty.  

She began training to become a military dog handler where she learnt a lot about confidence, communication and mental stamina. She was later discharged following a hip injury and turned her attention to her own puppy, a Working Collie named Beau. 

Our training method is unique and based on modern, reward centred techniques; improving communication, relationship and wellbeing of dogs and owners. Beau's Pack specialises in working line pet dogs, but can tailor our approach to suit any pooch!


Through a combination of behavioural work, enrichment, obedience, and our unique community, we strive to help you and your dog thrive.



Currently holding: 

Level 3 Diploma in Canine Behaviour 

Canine competition obedience certificate

Canine First aid 

Dog Fit Certified Coach 

Level 3 personal trainer

Working towards: 

Level 4 Advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour  

Fun agility coaching Diploma 


What we do


General Training

Specific dog training to target unwanted behaviour

Starting at:

£70 for Members

£85 for Non-Members

Dog Walk



Follow our bespoke programme to achieve success


Starting at:

£25 for Members

£35 for Non-Members





Our day care service is currently closed until further notice

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Agility​, CaniCross, Pet Gun Dog, Sheep Ball, Conditioning

Starting at:

£10 for Members

£15 fo Non-Members

Dog Lover



A 5 week course to help socialise your dog


Starting at:

£120 for Members

£150 for Non-Members

Dog Walker



Private dog walks with just your dog(s)

Starting at £15


We found Jen to help with barneys working side, we started agility perfect for what he needed. Although Barney is dog reactive Jen is so welcoming even to classes which gave me more confidence as I had always avoid them, Jen has helped with Barneys reactivity which has now allowed me to feel calmer in situations.

We also started obedience training with Tensie which is brilllant as he is learning how to cope around other dogs and focus on me and real life situations. I never thought I would be out in the big wide world with Barney.
We have also joined a few of the trips and they are brillant new experiences for Barney especially going on a train for the first time, seeing Father Christmas and also been in a big group with 15+ dogs, which I never thought was possible
So I am very grateful for both of you and cannot wait to see what the future holds, as you have given me so much more confidence


We have two dogs, both have their challenges. Vixen is very nervous about trusting new people. Lyssa is a Border Collie who had us tearing our hair out when we got her. We desperately needed help with the latter.
Jen at Beua’s Pack has been a godsend! It’s an ongoing process, but she started to teach us how a Border Collies brain works. We’ve a way to go, but Lyssa is already a vastly different dog from the one we got as an uncontrollable pup!
And we have regular walks from Tes, who is wonderful with them. Especially Vixen who is such a nervous Nellie! You can see the pups love her!
Absolutely recommended!


Life can become very isolated when you adopt a dog and they develop reactivity, unless you’re part of Beau’s Pack!
Jen is a truly special dog trainer. Her expertise and patience has taken our training journey from hiding from triggers (people and dogs) to complete off lead freedom, anywhere! She has a complete understanding of our very complex ex-street dog, and has been able to address behaviours that other trainers could not. Jen has even organised events with 10+ people purely so that we could train in a safe environment. The courses and dog sports are also really good value for money and great fun.
The dog walking service is also incredible. Our dog doesn’t have many people she completely trusts but her best pal is Tesnie, her walker. Structured walks by competent walkers mean that walks continue the training you are doing yourself. We have complete peace of mind that our girl is safe and having fun on her adventures whilst we are out!


The dog walking service offered by Beaus pack and Tesnie is brilliant and I would highly recommend! When Finn has a walk with Tesnie he comes home a super happy and very tired boy! He absolutely loves her to bits and seeing his excited little tail wag and bum wiggle when she walks through the door makes my day!! Finn loves going exploring with her and I also get to see him having fun and training whilst out and about through their facebook stories. I know that Finn is in very safe and capable hands with Tesnie and if I didn’t work from home I’d be sending him out with her everyday! :)


Jen is amazing at what she does. She has helped us train our nervous, reactive dog so that he can enjoy going out on walks. There are wonderful classes, individual training and group walks which have all helped our family become confident and responsible dog owners. Such an amazing community venture.


We have been going to Jen’s pack walks for 7 months, (which are incredible!) and recently started our training journey with her.
Firstly, Marley loves Jen. He gets so excited when we pull up to the fields as he knows we are about to have so much fun.
Jen has really helped me understand my dog, and my own handling skills in a different way. She has supported me through each session and Marley is now completely off lead! I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for us and would highly recommend.


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